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Pigeon Control Ware are a friendly team and all our Pigeon Controllers are fully qualified, you will also find our prices very reasonable as we are a not a large national company.

Pigeon Control Ware can also be with you the same day for any Pigeon Control problems you may have and we do not believe in call out charges, the price that you are quoted will be the price that you pay. We talk you through each step of the way and advise how to deter Pigeons from your property in the future.

Even if it’s just advice that you require on Pigeon Control, just pick up the phone and give us a call our friendly team will be at hand to help and advise you. A professional and Discreet Service will be offered to you at all times.

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More Information About Pigeons

Pigeons can become a real nuisance especially if they are residing on or around your property. Pigeons are becoming increasing in numbers especially in town centres where they have adapted to their artificial cliffs of buildings and are becoming a real pest with their droppings on buildings, pavements and cars etc.

These are called Ferral Pigeons and they are a descent of the Wild Rock Dove, this bird has become semi domesticated and the pigeon is the most serious pest associated with human habitations.

Pigeons rely on food scraps and will be found in droves near to cafe’s, restaurants and other food outlets in busy town centres. These birds also carry many diseases and can be passed from bird to man, many people feed pigeons, but this just encourages them, these birds actually carry more diseases than the brown rat, you would not think about feeding a rat but people do still insist on feeding pigeons, some of the diseases that can be passed on are Salmonella, tuberculosis and ornithosis.