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Biggest Wasp Nest Ever Found In The UK


When the Pest Controller Sean Whelan was called to a break out of wasps at a Southampton Pub it didn’t take long to find the source of the problem.

In a corner of the watering hole’s loft he found the biggest wasp nest he had ever seen.

In fact the nest was so large it was the size of a double bed mattress and was home to up to half a million killer wasps.


Built around a chimney stack the six foot by five foot nest was 15 times bigger than a typical one and is thought to be one of the biggest in the UK.

The wasps were buzzing all over the place. There was enough to kill someone if they weren’t wearing the right clothing,” said Sean, from Whelan Pest Prevention.

“It was without doubt the biggest nest I have ever seen. It was an amazing sight – I couldn’t believe my eyes.”


This was 2010 and to this day it is the largest wasp nest ever found.


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Wasp Nest Removal Cheshunt
Wasp Nest Removal Cheshunt

Wasp Nest Treatments


Wasp nest removal Cheshunt can be with you the same day for any Wasp Control problems you may have and we do not believe in call out charges, the price that you are quoted will be the price that you pay. We talk you through each step of the way and advise how to deter Wasps from your property in the future.

Wasp Control North London
Important information about Wasps this Summer

Tips to avoid being stung this summer

Of course, the best way to treat a wasp sting is to try and not be stung in the first place so here are a few tips to try and avoid this happening:

If you find yourself swarmed by bees or wasps, try to move away slowly. Our immediate reaction is to wave wasps away. This makes the situation worse by ‘exciting’ wasps, making them more aggressive and likely to sting.

Wear an insect repellent as these are effective with wasps too

Do not interfere with a wasp nest. The wasps will immediately attack in defense.

Some flowers and other shrubs are particular favorites of wasps so try and stay away from these.
Be careful eating outside, especially sweet sugary things, including liquids. These sugary items can attract wasps.

Another suggestion is to avoid wearing perfume and other strong scents as some people believe that wasps are attracted to them.

If you working in an area that you can see many wasps then sensible precautions would be long sleeves, trousers etc. to keep as much skin as possible covered thereby minimising chances of being stung.

And finally, keep an eye out for nests in the garden and in eaves of houses. If you notice an increase in wasps numbers, more than usual it may be because there is a nest close by. If you do find one, call a reputable pest control company.

If you suspect you may have a wasp nest then please contact the professionals for a effective treatment

Bed Bug Control North London
Bed Bugs in North london

Bed Bug problems In Hertford


Our technician Ian took a good photo of bedbugs at a job in Hertford.

The customer had been getting bitten at night time for 3-4 weeks. She called us for advice and we were confident her problem was bed bugs.
We attended the same day and within minutes located the evidence and showed the customer where the bedbugs were and explained the treatment process.

An insecticidal spray treatment was carried out to all areas of the bed and fabrics of the bedroom, a further visit will be made to repeat the process to ensure eradication.